Monday, March 22, 2010

Potty Training

So my son, who is over 3 years old, is not interested in using the potty. We have attempted with the fun underwear, candy for toileting, stickers on a potty chart, etc. He just isn't interested! So everytime we do a diaper change, we talk to Ry Guy about peeing on the potty. We ask him why, and his responce is that he is afraid to fall in! I reassure him that he will be ok, and can sit on a potty seat, which makes the hole smaller, and less intimidating for little butts! Anyways, the other day, I hear from down the hall... "MOOOOOMMMMmmmm, Ry Guy Peed on the potty!!!!" I was so excited, I jumped up, and ran to the bathroom, Only to find the lid closed, and pee all over the lid, and floor. How do you argue that one?! I guess he thought it was peeing on the potty, and still remaining safe from falling in! I gave praise for it anyway!

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