Monday, March 29, 2010

ID 10 T

I usually drive. Everywhere. I am a fan of being in control, and I don't like feeling car sick, while others drive. Since we have had our 4th baby, I've found that while Scott drives, I can accomplish more, sometimes I pump, put my makeup on, do my hair, or just sit there, doing nothing, calling it my down time. Anyways, when we first started this change, Scott drove home from church. We had decided (between the 2 of us) to get McDonald's on the way home. So rather turn left on route 8, we decide to turn right. In the back of the car, I hear IDIOT! (with attitude of course) I turnned the music down, and said WHAT?!?! Miss Ann said, my dad is in idiot because he doesn't even know the way home! Again, rolling in laughter!!

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